Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Task 2 Lifestyle Magazine

Task 2
Why does the magazine use a model or celebrity on the cover? Why are they looking directly at 
the camera? Explain the effeiuct on the target audience?

Often there is a model or celebrity on the cover of magazines because the buyer would like to be like the person on the front, (even though it’s all photoshopped) and the reader believes that if they get the magazine they will potentially end up looking like the girl on the front. The effect of the person on the front visioning in towards the centre causes it to catch the readers eye.

Find examples of direct mode of address in the above magazine. Why is this used? What effect does it have on the target audience?

Have you changed your bedsheets this week?  117 new ideas already in your wardrobe! These invites the audience and makes the audience feel like they are in a conversation with the celebrity / model on the front.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Introduction to Lifestyle Magazine

Different types of content in magazine:

Layout and target audience:
The page has pictures at the top and contents at the bottom, the pictures are split into multiple different images. The contents is set out into different types, fashion, beauty etc... I think the magazine is designed for female  fashion followers, because one of the pictures shows a women in fashionable clothing, posing as if she was showing off the dress.

Benefit from buying it:
If someone were to buy it, it would benefit them by showing them what to wear and what clothes are in fashion now days. It would also spread gossip around of celebrity life styles, and also it would show how to stay healthy and what to do when your at t the gym.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

10 Album Covers

Justin Timberlake - Mirrios

  • Tuxedo
  • Gold Writing
  • Electronic device on his head
The tuxedo that Justin Timberlake is wearing connotes that he is ready to get a reward from his music. The Gold writing displayed on the cover shows that Justin Timberlake is wealthy enough to buy gold. The electronic device on his head and the title, "THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE" show that the headset is a time travelling device.

Michael Buble

  • Tuxedo
  • He is pulling of his tie

The fact that he is taking of his tie connotes he is finished what he needs to do. 

Danger Doom

  • Skull
  • Bones
  • Mouse-lie ears
The title, "Danger Doom," indicates that bad things have/will happen and the skulls and bones are connotations for "Danger" and "Doom".


  • Large writing - "I am Chipmunk"
  • Mini version of Chipmunk sitting on the large writing.
The large writing connotes that he is big and well known, because his name is bigger than himself.

Daft Punk

  • Helmets
Two helmets of contrasting colours, gold and silver, attached to each other.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Music Video Research


Katy Perry - "California Gurls"                                                                                                                In this music video Katy Perry showed girls in a negative way by what she was doing in this video. At the beginning of the video her clothing was fairly appropriate but that rapidly changed as she ended up laying naked on a cloud, and eventually in a bra using milk shake bottles to spray milkshake out of them when they were pressed against her breasts. When she was naked on the cloud the camera zoomed in so that the viewer could not escape the sight and was forced to watch her. She was interacting with the zoomed in camera, which shows she wants to interact with the audience. Soon after Katy Perry goes into a scene where she is in her bra dancing with many other females in bras, meanwhile snoop dog is on a throne watching, this implies that men are dominant over women and that they are just toys and objectified.  

Benny Benassi - "Satisfaction"
In this music video the women are using power tools in very little clothing, throughout the video the girls interact with the camera, the camera zooms in closely as they kiss and lick in suggestive ways. The camera zooms in on the women when they are acting particularly flirtatiously. This music video represents women in a negative way because it shows them having little respect for themselves and devaluing their worth as people. The camera also seems to zoom in at their breasts. The camera more often then not is zoomed in on the women's bottoms and breasts this does not present women in a positive way.


Beyonce - "Best thing I never had"                                                                                                          Beyonce is a huge role model to females in todays society her songs are often sung well and tend to have deep meaning behind it. In this video she is dressed in a classy, white wedding dress, her lips are shiny with golden lipstick and her hair is styled in a bun and shows she is an elegant figure. Beyonce is always the focus  of attention in this video however the main reason for this is most likely to show her emotions rather than her physical features. The light colours indicate innocence which is normally not associated with sexuality or promiscuity. 




What you have here is excellent and you have responded well to the question, and fulfilling the task set well. You have used examples excellently. 

T: Try to use key terminology (see VCOP Blog). Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc) and how they help you come to your conclusions.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to place an object on a white background

Step 1

Start this tutorial by downloading and opening photo on Photoshop.
Learn How to Place an Object on a White Background 1

Step 2

Next you need to separate the robot from the background area. Select Polygonal Lasso Tool to create a selection. Hold the Shift button to add ,or Alt button to subtract to selection.
Learn How to Place an Object on a White Background 2

Step 3

Press Ctrl+J to duplicate the selected area to a new layer. Select all background layer content and press Del to delete. With the Paint Bucket Tool selected fill layer with white color.
Learn How to Place an Object on a White Background 3




This is a really good piece of work that fulfills the task completely. Really well done.

T: Perhaps consider showing a more detailed example of what you can do in PS.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Representation of Women in Music Videos

Girls in music videos are props for the male singer and or dancers. Their job is to dance around in bras and knickers and look sexy. An example of this is 50 Cent "Candy Shop". 50 Cent, the main singer is walking around in a leather jacket and is topless for some parts, he is in a house with a lot of women in reviling clothing and he is allowed his pick of the bunch. The girls want and thrive for him and they are vulnerableGirls in most videos are seen as items and play toys, they are just seen as sexual prey.
The girls in the videos provide pleasure to many viewers, but this is becoming a worry and that people  everywhere will just thing of women as play toys. It is proven that these sorts of images are not unfamiliar in the presence of hip hop. Girls are represented like this everywhere you go and are shown in any and everything wether it be a film, an advert or a tv programme. But, in music videos the only thing on display are women in the form of a barely clothed dancer.
Another example of this is "Blurred lines", by Robin Thicke, in this video the girls are walking around the men with little to no clothes. The men / singers are standing still, while the female dancers are prancing around trying to get recognition for their looks. In conclusion i personally believe that the girls are only thought of props and toys because of the way they act in music videos, films, tv. They don't try and disprove people who think of them this way but they still wear limited clothes and moan when they are thought of as items in the possession of men.




What you have here is very good and you have responded well to the question. You have used examples solidly. 

T: Try to use more examples and key terminology (see VCOP Blog). Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc) and how they help you come to your conclusions.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Representation of Men


I agree with the statement first statement about being a real man. In the video 50 cent has a vest top and is trying to show of his muscle and masculinity over other men. Also because of his big muscle he is dominate over other males and females. In the video 50 cent enters a huge mansion filled with lots of good looking women, who all want a piece of him this shows that he has a lot of women. For the parts of the video which 50 cent is not in the huge mansion, he is leaning against a red Ferrari which connotes that he is rich and has money to spend on expensive cars. 50 cent is also wearing a lot of bling, he has a shiny necklace and lost of rings on his fingers.
50 cent's dress sense shows the viewer that he is/thinks that he is tough, he has his trousers low down which is meant to mean the he went to prison; in prison they took away prisoners belts incase they whipped people with them and therefore there trousers were always low down. When he takes of his shirt he has a lot of tattoos which shows that the pain doesn't hurt him.
If 50 cent wasn't strong, had money and wasn't dominant,  the girls wouldn't want to be anywhere near him, other males would call him words like "soft,weak and wimp" he would be pushed around all of his life and not be able to do anything back. 
Every man tries to be dominant, rich and strong, this is a trap because the men have to change the personalities and stay that way for the rest of there life. They get restricted into what they can and can't do, what they want to do and what they think others would want them to do. They live the rest of there life with nothing to show, apart from money,women and power.



Good amount of refference to the video, solid explanation. 

T: Develop the reasons why men feel like they should act the way that 50 Cent does.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Jb boyfriend from Aaronls

Justin beiber boyfreind

WWW. The first two questions had very detailed answers.
WWW. We had images to help get the message out and to entertain the readers/ observers.
WWW. The writing was big and easy for people to read along to in there head.
EBI. if our last questions were as/ more detailed as the first two questions. The last questions were more important because they summarized the song if we worked harder on them we could have got better marks.
EBI. If we explained it as we were reading instead of just reading. What we had wrote. this would have helped not only the audience but us to develop our understanding.
EBI. If we included more connotations in our writing. Connotations will give the observer a clearer meaning of the song.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

This is my logo, it is a pencil inside a badge, beneath this are children holding up a banner saying : pencil school - the name of the school. I am happy with how it turned out because i managed to get images and improve them by combining them with other images, in order to make them look better, i also changed the colours to suit the pictures.
The font i added is written fancy to show that pencil school is a rich and caring school. The green in the badge stands out because it is bright and vibrant, all round i thought i made it attractive and appealing.
I could have improved it by adding more detail, i could have got a few more images and could have got different shades of colours, i could have also added a shadow for the badge for a better effect. To improve with this i need to work on Photoshop whenever i have time to.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to change the writing in an image

  1. Find the right picture.This picture should be something with some kind of writing in it. The writing should appear rather flat on the picture or else it will be more difficult to replace the text and make it look real.
  2. Create a blank canvas where you would like to replace your text. The easiest way to do this is to paint over the writing in the same colour as the background.This can be done using the eyedropper tool to get the colour you want. The tool sets the paint colour to whatever colour it has been placed over. Once the color is selected carefully use the “Paintbrush Tool to paint over the writing. Make sure to leave a small amount of text showing so that it can be used to get the  color of the text.
  3. Create the Text. Creating the text is very easy. You can use the Eyedropper tool once again to get the needed color of the text. Once the color has been acquired, it is time to create the text. To create the text you should use the type tool. Just click anywhere on the picture and a text entry box will appear. Type the wanted text into the field and also adjust the size, font, and style of the writing. Once this is completed, then hit OK. This will create a new Layer in Photoshop. If the size of the text is not what you had imagined you can go to Edit > Transform > Scale and this will allow you to adjust the size of the type and the position of the type on the general picture.
  4. Additional editing Possibly you find that the text needs to be adjusted because the board, banner, etc. The text is different due to perspective issues. You can correct for this by right clicking on the layer name in the layers panel, and choosing rasterize type. (This will make a bitmap of your text, so editing of the text is no longer possible) After that you choose Edit >Transform > Distor. By dragging the anchor points around your text you can adjust for the perspective.
  5. These are the steps for editing writing in pictures.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Denotations and Conotations

Iron Maiden -
A large skeleton with a smaller devil creature both reaching towards something in front of them, the skeleton is wearing a t-shirt and jeans but the devil is wearing nothing.

Bruce Springsteen - .
A man slanting with his shirt tucked in a cap in his back pocket of his jeans, he is wearing a white vest and standing in front of a white and red striped background.
-well dressed
-self conscious

The Strokes -
A leather glove on a pale woman's bottom.

 Queen -
 Four people standing next to each other in darkness wearing similar clothes as light shines onto there faces,

Joy Division -
Waves going up and down in no particular pattern.

Pink Floyd -
Two men wearing tuxedos shaking hands while one of them is on fire.

The Who -
four people standing on a rocky mountainside next to a huge pillar sticking out of the mountain, they are all wearing different styles of clothing to suit there personalities.

Soulwax -
pink and white wavey lines that cause an illisuion to your eyes when you stare at it.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013



I think they designed the logo to look like this, because the logo was meant to be representing tables and how waterloo roads school doesn't care how they look and all the tables would be randomly located. I also think it is designed by this because it shows that the school is messy and very unorganized.                                                                                                                                      The range of cast members consist of teenager, showing that the producers of Waterloo Road are trying to appeal to teenager around the age of the cast. They are young students, shown by there school uniform.
The program is at 8:00 on Thursday, this may be because of strong language and use of drugs.