Thursday, 5 December 2013

10 Album Covers

Justin Timberlake - Mirrios

  • Tuxedo
  • Gold Writing
  • Electronic device on his head
The tuxedo that Justin Timberlake is wearing connotes that he is ready to get a reward from his music. The Gold writing displayed on the cover shows that Justin Timberlake is wealthy enough to buy gold. The electronic device on his head and the title, "THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE" show that the headset is a time travelling device.

Michael Buble

  • Tuxedo
  • He is pulling of his tie

The fact that he is taking of his tie connotes he is finished what he needs to do. 

Danger Doom

  • Skull
  • Bones
  • Mouse-lie ears
The title, "Danger Doom," indicates that bad things have/will happen and the skulls and bones are connotations for "Danger" and "Doom".


  • Large writing - "I am Chipmunk"
  • Mini version of Chipmunk sitting on the large writing.
The large writing connotes that he is big and well known, because his name is bigger than himself.

Daft Punk

  • Helmets
Two helmets of contrasting colours, gold and silver, attached to each other.


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