Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Colour Connotations

This magazine uses the colours pink, yellow, grey and white. These colours show different things about this magazine. Yellow - The colour yellow is bright and a very stand out colour, this colour is used to draw the readers eye. It also is a colour of fun and the text in yellow says that. Pink - Pink is a very feminine colour so this indicates that this magazine is primarily for girls. White - The white text is used not really to stand out, but just a filler colour where they want the writing to be seen but not initially. Grey - The background is grey, which is a dull colour to make any more important peices of information stand out.
This magazine uses colours red, yellow, white and many shades of blue. Red - As well as blue this colour is very masculine to draw the attention of men. The red is also used to show stamina and physical energy. Blue - Blue is used in many different shades the light blue is a soothing, calm blue. But the darker blue gives a thick, bold look which makes the viewer see it initially, before anything else. Again in this magazine the background is a poring, plain colour (white), this is over used in magazines to make the more important ideas stand out. Yellow - Yellow is used here to highlight very few bits of text, this colour is used because it is bright and stands out.
This magazine contains colours white, grey and a golden yellow. The gold is used because this magazine is trying to show that London is a posh place and gold, like the other colours used, it's classed as a rich colour. The grey used is not a boring, dull grey, but a metallic grey. This goes with the gold because silver and gold are two colours that when used correctly give off a fancy effect.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Planning my lifestyle magazine

Planning my lifestyle magazine


  1. Glamour girls
  2. Beauty and the beast
  3. Glitz and glamour
  4. Life in London
  5. Girly magazine
  6. Beauty magz
  7. Glamourism 
  8. Girls, girls and more girls!
  9. Style
  10. GFH (gossip for her)
Cover lines

  1. Bad boy Beiber
  2. What should you be wearing?
  3. Keeping a healthy diet
  4. What one direction get up to
  5. New phone - text with your friends ALL day.
  6. Are Nokia becoming less block-like.
  7. Cuttest clothes
  8. True life teens
  9. Planning your best future
  10. Ready, set, shop!