Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Colour Connotations

This magazine uses the colours pink, yellow, grey and white. These colours show different things about this magazine. Yellow - The colour yellow is bright and a very stand out colour, this colour is used to draw the readers eye. It also is a colour of fun and the text in yellow says that. Pink - Pink is a very feminine colour so this indicates that this magazine is primarily for girls. White - The white text is used not really to stand out, but just a filler colour where they want the writing to be seen but not initially. Grey - The background is grey, which is a dull colour to make any more important peices of information stand out.
This magazine uses colours red, yellow, white and many shades of blue. Red - As well as blue this colour is very masculine to draw the attention of men. The red is also used to show stamina and physical energy. Blue - Blue is used in many different shades the light blue is a soothing, calm blue. But the darker blue gives a thick, bold look which makes the viewer see it initially, before anything else. Again in this magazine the background is a poring, plain colour (white), this is over used in magazines to make the more important ideas stand out. Yellow - Yellow is used here to highlight very few bits of text, this colour is used because it is bright and stands out.
This magazine contains colours white, grey and a golden yellow. The gold is used because this magazine is trying to show that London is a posh place and gold, like the other colours used, it's classed as a rich colour. The grey used is not a boring, dull grey, but a metallic grey. This goes with the gold because silver and gold are two colours that when used correctly give off a fancy effect.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

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