Tuesday, 24 September 2013

This is my logo, it is a pencil inside a badge, beneath this are children holding up a banner saying : pencil school - the name of the school. I am happy with how it turned out because i managed to get images and improve them by combining them with other images, in order to make them look better, i also changed the colours to suit the pictures.
The font i added is written fancy to show that pencil school is a rich and caring school. The green in the badge stands out because it is bright and vibrant, all round i thought i made it attractive and appealing.
I could have improved it by adding more detail, i could have got a few more images and could have got different shades of colours, i could have also added a shadow for the badge for a better effect. To improve with this i need to work on Photoshop whenever i have time to.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to change the writing in an image

  1. Find the right picture.This picture should be something with some kind of writing in it. The writing should appear rather flat on the picture or else it will be more difficult to replace the text and make it look real.
  2. Create a blank canvas where you would like to replace your text. The easiest way to do this is to paint over the writing in the same colour as the background.This can be done using the eyedropper tool to get the colour you want. The tool sets the paint colour to whatever colour it has been placed over. Once the color is selected carefully use the “Paintbrush Tool to paint over the writing. Make sure to leave a small amount of text showing so that it can be used to get the  color of the text.
  3. Create the Text. Creating the text is very easy. You can use the Eyedropper tool once again to get the needed color of the text. Once the color has been acquired, it is time to create the text. To create the text you should use the type tool. Just click anywhere on the picture and a text entry box will appear. Type the wanted text into the field and also adjust the size, font, and style of the writing. Once this is completed, then hit OK. This will create a new Layer in Photoshop. If the size of the text is not what you had imagined you can go to Edit > Transform > Scale and this will allow you to adjust the size of the type and the position of the type on the general picture.
  4. Additional editing Possibly you find that the text needs to be adjusted because the board, banner, etc. The text is different due to perspective issues. You can correct for this by right clicking on the layer name in the layers panel, and choosing rasterize type. (This will make a bitmap of your text, so editing of the text is no longer possible) After that you choose Edit >Transform > Distor. By dragging the anchor points around your text you can adjust for the perspective.
  5. These are the steps for editing writing in pictures.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Denotations and Conotations

Iron Maiden -
A large skeleton with a smaller devil creature both reaching towards something in front of them, the skeleton is wearing a t-shirt and jeans but the devil is wearing nothing.

Bruce Springsteen - .
A man slanting with his shirt tucked in a cap in his back pocket of his jeans, he is wearing a white vest and standing in front of a white and red striped background.
-well dressed
-self conscious

The Strokes -
A leather glove on a pale woman's bottom.

 Queen -
 Four people standing next to each other in darkness wearing similar clothes as light shines onto there faces,

Joy Division -
Waves going up and down in no particular pattern.

Pink Floyd -
Two men wearing tuxedos shaking hands while one of them is on fire.

The Who -
four people standing on a rocky mountainside next to a huge pillar sticking out of the mountain, they are all wearing different styles of clothing to suit there personalities.

Soulwax -
pink and white wavey lines that cause an illisuion to your eyes when you stare at it.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013



I think they designed the logo to look like this, because the logo was meant to be representing tables and how waterloo roads school doesn't care how they look and all the tables would be randomly located. I also think it is designed by this because it shows that the school is messy and very unorganized.                                                                                                                                      The range of cast members consist of teenager, showing that the producers of Waterloo Road are trying to appeal to teenager around the age of the cast. They are young students, shown by there school uniform.
The program is at 8:00 on Thursday, this may be because of strong language and use of drugs.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Monday, 2 September 2013

I wake up to my phone alarm at 6:30 this is a helpful app and i wouldn't get up on time without it, I walk to school with headphones in my ears, this provides a calm walk to school. In school i have I.T, in which we use computers to complete our work. When i get home, i watch my TV because it is entertaining, as well or instead of TV i use a laptop for researching information on the internet and an Xbox to play games on.

On Saturday i wake up and watch the news, so i can find out what is going on around the world. I also read the sun newspaper but i normally only read the back for sports. I normally go on my Xbox to play games, like COD and Fifa.

On Sunday I have breakfast while listening to the music stations, preferably Capital or Kiss.I then use my laptop to help out on homework. I also normally watch a movie, before I watch TV then go to bed.