Tuesday, 24 September 2013

This is my logo, it is a pencil inside a badge, beneath this are children holding up a banner saying : pencil school - the name of the school. I am happy with how it turned out because i managed to get images and improve them by combining them with other images, in order to make them look better, i also changed the colours to suit the pictures.
The font i added is written fancy to show that pencil school is a rich and caring school. The green in the badge stands out because it is bright and vibrant, all round i thought i made it attractive and appealing.
I could have improved it by adding more detail, i could have got a few more images and could have got different shades of colours, i could have also added a shadow for the badge for a better effect. To improve with this i need to work on Photoshop whenever i have time to.

1 comment:

  1. LOGO: C3 - Your logo fits with the idea of the school, and has a fun element to it. It is a little low on PS skill levels and this will need to develop to progress.
    T: Use PS tutorials to help you develop your skills, show them on your blog.

    EVAL: C3 - You have ticked the boxes and reflected, but it is only really to a sound level, lacking in detail and specific examples.
    T: Use specific examples to explain the meaning and your skill development.