Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to change the writing in an image

  1. Find the right picture.This picture should be something with some kind of writing in it. The writing should appear rather flat on the picture or else it will be more difficult to replace the text and make it look real.
  2. Create a blank canvas where you would like to replace your text. The easiest way to do this is to paint over the writing in the same colour as the background.This can be done using the eyedropper tool to get the colour you want. The tool sets the paint colour to whatever colour it has been placed over. Once the color is selected carefully use the “Paintbrush Tool to paint over the writing. Make sure to leave a small amount of text showing so that it can be used to get the  color of the text.
  3. Create the Text. Creating the text is very easy. You can use the Eyedropper tool once again to get the needed color of the text. Once the color has been acquired, it is time to create the text. To create the text you should use the type tool. Just click anywhere on the picture and a text entry box will appear. Type the wanted text into the field and also adjust the size, font, and style of the writing. Once this is completed, then hit OK. This will create a new Layer in Photoshop. If the size of the text is not what you had imagined you can go to Edit > Transform > Scale and this will allow you to adjust the size of the type and the position of the type on the general picture.
  4. Additional editing Possibly you find that the text needs to be adjusted because the board, banner, etc. The text is different due to perspective issues. You can correct for this by right clicking on the layer name in the layers panel, and choosing rasterize type. (This will make a bitmap of your text, so editing of the text is no longer possible) After that you choose Edit >Transform > Distor. By dragging the anchor points around your text you can adjust for the perspective.
  5. These are the steps for editing writing in pictures.

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  1. Well done, think about how images can help you explain your points.