Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Denotations and Conotations

Iron Maiden -
A large skeleton with a smaller devil creature both reaching towards something in front of them, the skeleton is wearing a t-shirt and jeans but the devil is wearing nothing.

Bruce Springsteen - .
A man slanting with his shirt tucked in a cap in his back pocket of his jeans, he is wearing a white vest and standing in front of a white and red striped background.
-well dressed
-self conscious

The Strokes -
A leather glove on a pale woman's bottom.

 Queen -
 Four people standing next to each other in darkness wearing similar clothes as light shines onto there faces,

Joy Division -
Waves going up and down in no particular pattern.

Pink Floyd -
Two men wearing tuxedos shaking hands while one of them is on fire.

The Who -
four people standing on a rocky mountainside next to a huge pillar sticking out of the mountain, they are all wearing different styles of clothing to suit there personalities.

Soulwax -
pink and white wavey lines that cause an illisuion to your eyes when you stare at it.

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  1. In general Aaron, you need much more detail for your connotations. Think about what it says about the artist.

    Please re do for wednesday.