Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Balance in Design

Asymmetrical Balance - I think that this magazine cover is balanced, because the man is leaning to the right and the text on the left is bigger to balance out. The text on the right is smaller just to make it balanced.

Asymmetrical Colour - This is asymmetrical by color because there is a bright, stand out, red line that is canceled out by the large area of dull, blue.

Asymmetrical Value - This Has a asymmetrical value, because the man has a strong, bold, black shirt which is canceled out by the white background.

Asymmetrical Shape - This is asymmetrical by shape because there is a flat moon background balanced out by a small astronaut.

Asymmetrical position - The person has a dark, close up dress, and the background is further away and light.

Asymmetrical texture - this magazine is by texture, because the girl has a dark shirt, which is strong, however the background is a bit blurry.

Asymmetrical eye direction - The woman on the magazine is looking another way which makes the reader look that way.

Symmetrical radial - The writing goes all around the man, who is in the middle of the picture.


This is a good start and you have the basics here. However, this does not have a huge amount of detail and you will need to explain your answer more.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Font sheet Homework

Futuristic - This font is very funky, and is unusual, this gives it a futuristic look, because older fonts tend to be bold, boring fonts. The i's have circle above them which makes it stand out even more. The colour of the font (orange) makes it easily noticeable because of how the colour orange isn't seen very much.
Sturdy - This font is very thick, bold, chunky etc. It is more of a older font because of these features. This colour used is very bland but the boldness makes this recognisable.
Elegant - This font is rich and elegant. You would see a font like this used in fancy letters and invitations. The colour is a rich pale blue.
Birthday - This font is stretched a lot. I like this font because it's unique as the letters have been chipped away at which makes it look cooler. The orange again is rarely used.
Sympathy - This font is a common font used on some medieval like things, such as games etc. The lines underneath the 'u' like shapes are meant to make the 'u' into a y. The colour used is plain blackish, greyish.
Father's Day - This font is stretched out as well as birthday and looks clear, but old. The colour red makes it look bright and easily stand out.

Favourite font
My favourite font is Serious, the colour used makes it almost metallic and like the side of a car. It is bold and big which makes it noticeable and it just looks awesome.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lifestyle Magazines

The person on the front is showing off his muscles indicating if you were to read the magazine you will one day look like him. The colours are bright, attractive and appealing to bring the audience towards it. The layout of he page has important articles towards the top of the page in bigger fonts, however he less important information is at the bottom of the page, this effects the reader by making them want to read the larger fonts first.
The language used is directed a the reader in order o bring them into magazines, examples of such are, 'Strip away belly fat'.

This front cover is a lifestyle of a Celebrity (Simon Cowell), on the magazine cover simon cowell's face looks like it has been photo-shopped, this could be because he doesn't like what he looks like already. The colours are golden, silver and white, these colours are all light and all represented as 'Good' and 'Happy' colours. These colours are perhaps used to show the royalty of London and to show that it is a rich place.

This magazine is directed towards women, the primary colour used is pink and there is a girl on the front talking about 'the cutest clothes'. The language used is persuasive  language trying to suck the reader in and spit them out empty handed.

This magazine uses bright colour to stand out, the important titles are bold and are a lot bigger, because they are meant to stand out. The women on the front is a model this could be to make men look at it as well as women. The language used is quite talkative and directed to impact the reader, e.g. 'How to ask ex-act-ly what you want in bed.'