Monday, 20 January 2014

Font sheet Homework

Futuristic - This font is very funky, and is unusual, this gives it a futuristic look, because older fonts tend to be bold, boring fonts. The i's have circle above them which makes it stand out even more. The colour of the font (orange) makes it easily noticeable because of how the colour orange isn't seen very much.
Sturdy - This font is very thick, bold, chunky etc. It is more of a older font because of these features. This colour used is very bland but the boldness makes this recognisable.
Elegant - This font is rich and elegant. You would see a font like this used in fancy letters and invitations. The colour is a rich pale blue.
Birthday - This font is stretched a lot. I like this font because it's unique as the letters have been chipped away at which makes it look cooler. The orange again is rarely used.
Sympathy - This font is a common font used on some medieval like things, such as games etc. The lines underneath the 'u' like shapes are meant to make the 'u' into a y. The colour used is plain blackish, greyish.
Father's Day - This font is stretched out as well as birthday and looks clear, but old. The colour red makes it look bright and easily stand out.

Favourite font
My favourite font is Serious, the colour used makes it almost metallic and like the side of a car. It is bold and big which makes it noticeable and it just looks awesome.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

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