Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Balance in Design

Asymmetrical Balance - I think that this magazine cover is balanced, because the man is leaning to the right and the text on the left is bigger to balance out. The text on the right is smaller just to make it balanced.

Asymmetrical Colour - This is asymmetrical by color because there is a bright, stand out, red line that is canceled out by the large area of dull, blue.

Asymmetrical Value - This Has a asymmetrical value, because the man has a strong, bold, black shirt which is canceled out by the white background.

Asymmetrical Shape - This is asymmetrical by shape because there is a flat moon background balanced out by a small astronaut.

Asymmetrical position - The person has a dark, close up dress, and the background is further away and light.

Asymmetrical texture - this magazine is by texture, because the girl has a dark shirt, which is strong, however the background is a bit blurry.

Asymmetrical eye direction - The woman on the magazine is looking another way which makes the reader look that way.

Symmetrical radial - The writing goes all around the man, who is in the middle of the picture.


This is a good start and you have the basics here. However, this does not have a huge amount of detail and you will need to explain your answer more.

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