Monday, 2 September 2013

I wake up to my phone alarm at 6:30 this is a helpful app and i wouldn't get up on time without it, I walk to school with headphones in my ears, this provides a calm walk to school. In school i have I.T, in which we use computers to complete our work. When i get home, i watch my TV because it is entertaining, as well or instead of TV i use a laptop for researching information on the internet and an Xbox to play games on.

On Saturday i wake up and watch the news, so i can find out what is going on around the world. I also read the sun newspaper but i normally only read the back for sports. I normally go on my Xbox to play games, like COD and Fifa.

On Sunday I have breakfast while listening to the music stations, preferably Capital or Kiss.I then use my laptop to help out on homework. I also normally watch a movie, before I watch TV then go to bed.

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