Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Representation of Men


I agree with the statement first statement about being a real man. In the video 50 cent has a vest top and is trying to show of his muscle and masculinity over other men. Also because of his big muscle he is dominate over other males and females. In the video 50 cent enters a huge mansion filled with lots of good looking women, who all want a piece of him this shows that he has a lot of women. For the parts of the video which 50 cent is not in the huge mansion, he is leaning against a red Ferrari which connotes that he is rich and has money to spend on expensive cars. 50 cent is also wearing a lot of bling, he has a shiny necklace and lost of rings on his fingers.
50 cent's dress sense shows the viewer that he is/thinks that he is tough, he has his trousers low down which is meant to mean the he went to prison; in prison they took away prisoners belts incase they whipped people with them and therefore there trousers were always low down. When he takes of his shirt he has a lot of tattoos which shows that the pain doesn't hurt him.
If 50 cent wasn't strong, had money and wasn't dominant,  the girls wouldn't want to be anywhere near him, other males would call him words like "soft,weak and wimp" he would be pushed around all of his life and not be able to do anything back. 
Every man tries to be dominant, rich and strong, this is a trap because the men have to change the personalities and stay that way for the rest of there life. They get restricted into what they can and can't do, what they want to do and what they think others would want them to do. They live the rest of there life with nothing to show, apart from money,women and power.



Good amount of refference to the video, solid explanation. 

T: Develop the reasons why men feel like they should act the way that 50 Cent does.

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